Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wear, Add, Replace

There are a surprising number of new residents who go into Appearance mode in order to change clothing. Each time I see someone do this, I just want to shout out how much more easily they could do it from their inventory. If someone has a comment about why they are using the Appearance editor, I'd love to hear it. The best I've been able to come up with on my own is that the Linden "outfits" are stored under that tab and if those outfits are all that you've got when you start, it seems logical to change there. Any suggestions?
I'm posting my video about wear vs. add in the hope that it helps.

Wear, replaces what you are currently wearing on that layer or attachment point (in the Kirsten's viewer, she's actually used the word "replace" in the menu, in place of "wear").
Add, adds it over top or to the same attachment point.

The video below explains
Please click on the video and watch it in HD and full screen for the best experience

Hope that helped...especially the shoe form (clothing layer) part.  Don't go out without it.

I've also included Torley's video on the sidebar appearance menu.

If you were confused about this, I hope this helped.

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