Friday, September 23, 2011

Great News! Firestorm Now Gives Option for V2/3 interface

Oh my goodness! So much good news, I may just burst.
I downloaded the latest version of the Firestorm viewer, still in beta, but, now enabled for Mesh.

Besides the Mesh ability (viewers not  so enabled do not see objects in mesh properly) the viewer start-up screen now gives the option to mimic V3 (the Linden viewer) or v1 (the old style interface) when you install Firestorm.
If you have been following my posts, you'll know that I created a video recently that illustrated how to make the standard Firestorm viewer look like the Linden Viewer. Happily, those instructions have been made unnecessary by the developers at Firestorm...Bravo!

Another piece of news hot off the presses for you viewer 1 people is that Phoenix will have mesh support. The developers at Phoenix correctly give credit to Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL viewer developer) for this development, but, caution that it's akin to  ( I love Jessica's metaphor) "putting the diesel engine from a bus into a Ford Pinto". You can read all of her comments on the Phoenix blog. 
Phoenix Viewer Gets Mesh   
It should be required reading for anyone still using the Phoenix viewer.

See you in world! maybe more people will be able to see my pretty mesh miniskirt now.