Friday, June 10, 2011

Disabling Face Recognition in Facebook

I have never been a big fan of Facebook, even less so of the things that people post there, thinking it's somehow private or uninteresting to all but a few close friends. Proof positive that this is not true is the recent election in Canada where people were ejected from the Prime Minister's town hall type meetings on the basis of items shown on their Facebook the most egregious of these incidents a university student who was attending meetings of the 3 major political leaders trying to get a sense of who to vote for. 
She made the "mistake" of posting a picture of herself with the opposition leader which, when seen by either the national police force or the political party wags, got her removed, before the meeting even started.

All of this just highlights the need for you to take control of the privacy settings on your Facebook page.
Here's a link to an excellent article on how to do just that. It was a comment on the most recent controversy surrounding "facial recognition software" being used by Facebook. 
I'll offer no opinion on the conspiracy theories surrounding the things Facebook does. Put on your big girl panties and decide for yourself, but, at least take your own security in hand.

Here is a starting point...


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