Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Shining

Improvements in Avatar Rendering in Second Life

I have commented on and follow a Jira (SH-3025 - Multiple tattoo layers will possibly cause avatar texture bake to malfunction) 
It deals with an avatar rendering problem that is not as well publicized, within Second Life, as it probably should be. It is becoming more common, I think because make-up layers have become quite popular and are on the tattoo layer. The issue arises sometimes - it is very inconsistent and hard to replicate, you can go for weeks without an incident. One of the manifestations only becomes apparent when someone tells you, that you are not rezzing for them yet you look fine to yourself. Often when you sign out, you come back as that lovely incandescent cloud. The fix is incredibly simple... take off the tattoos and put them back on, voila, you're back. There are other indicators, one that you change your outfit but nothing happens for you, others may see you naked, but, your inventory or outfits folder shows you wearing clothing and unable to remove it. If you have suffered that, the tattoo layer may be your culprit.
Hopefully all of that is about to change.
Just today, Dan Linden commented on that JIRA, directing us to a project in the "secret" Linden Labs, as he put it...some work being done on avatar rendering among other things called Project Shining  
Pass it on, please pass it on to all of our long suffering comrades, tired of Ruth and the endless list of things that cause us to have to use her.
I don't know how many of Natale's list of reasons and the solutions will become unnecessary, I just hope a lot.
See you in Second Life