Saturday, May 28, 2011

Italian Top Models at Toy Slaves Brothel

This video completely captivated me. You don't need to know the lyrics to enjoy the pure beauty of the two voices. The song "La Solitudine" was a popular hit for Laura Pausini, one of the singers featured in the video, an Italian songstress who also records in Spanish. The second singer here is Lara Fabian a Flemish/Italian who holds Canadian citizenship. As evidenced here both are incredibly talented artists. Both have very successful careers; I've included a link to each of their websites for those of you who are as taken by them as I was and still am.

The tie in to Toys? I wondered about that when I thought of writing this for my blog. Well actually, I discovered this video while looking for information on the fashion industry in Italy. Again, what has that got to do with Toys? One of  the things that makes the Brothel family different is that we offer our girls that little bit extra. In our Italian Top Models area, run by Mistress Taisha, we conduct a training course giving the girls a taste of Italy.

The featured video was recorded on the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) also the site of “Donna Sotto le Stelle” (Woman Under the Stars) an annual open-air fashion spectacle where each year in mid-July, talented designers showcase their latest masterpieces at this, one of Rome’s most celebrated icons. 

Mistress Taisha, a proud Italian herself, was thrilled to have the famous fashion show, the singers and her beloved country showcased in this way.

I hope you love the music as much as I do. An English translation of the lyrics follows the video. I'm afraid the quality of the video could be better, but, the audio is much better. 

When they start to sing together, it's magical; when they smile at each other...I melt. They just seem to be having so much fun.
Here are the lyrics in the original Italian followed by the English translation, young love...

La Solitudine
Marco sé n'è andato e non ritorna più
Il treno delle sette trenta senza lui
È un cuore di metallo senza l'anima
Nel freddo del mattino grigio di città

A scuola il banco è vuoto. Marco è dentro me.
È dolce il suo respiro fra i pensieri miei.
Distanze enormi sembrano dividerci
Ma il cuore batte forte dentro me

Chissà se tu mi penserai
Se con i tuoi non parli mai
Se ti nascondi come me.
Sfuggi gli sguardi e te ne stai…

Rinchiuso in camera e non vuoi
Mangiare. Stringi forte a te
Il cuscino e piangi e non lo sai
Quanto altro male ti farà la solitudine

Marco nel mio diario ho una fotografia.
Hai gli occhi di bambino un poco timido.
La stringo forte al cuore e sento che ci sei
Fra i compiti d'inglese e matematica

Tuo padre e i suoi consigli che monotonia.
Lui con il suo lavoro ti ha portato via.
Di certo il tuo parere non l'ha chiesto mai.
Ha detto “Un giorno tu mi capirai”

Chissà se tu mi penserai
Se con gli amici parlerai
Per non soffrire più per me
Ma non è facile lo sai

A scuola non ne posso più
E i pomeriggi senza te
Studiare è inutile. Tutte le idee
Si affollano su te

Non è possibile dividere
La vita di noi due
Ti prego aspettami amore mio
Ma illuderti non so!

(sung twice)
La solitudine fra noi
Questo silenzio dentro me
È l'inquietudine di vivere
La vita senza te

Ti prego aspettami perché
Non posso stare senza te.
Non è possibile dividere
La storia di noi due

La solitudine


The Loneliness
Marco has gone from here and is not coming back any more
The seven thirty train without him
Is a heart of metal with no soul
In the cold of the grey morning of the city

At school the bench is empty. Marco is inside me.
His breath is sweet in my thoughts.
Enormous distances seem to divide us
But my heart beats strongly inside me

Who knows if you will think of me
If you never speak with your parents
If you hide yourself like me.
You run from the looks and stay…

Confined to your room and do not want
To eat. You hold your pillow
Firmly against you and cry and do not know
How much more harm the loneliness will do to you

Marco, in my diary I have a photograph.
You have the eyes of slightly timid child.
I hold it firmly against my heart and I feel that you are here
Between the assignments of English and mathematics

Your father and his suggestions, what monotony.
He with his job has taken you away.
For certain your opinion was never asked for.
He said “One day you will understand me”

Who knows if you will think of me
If you will talk with friends
In order not to suffer because of me any more
But it is not easy, you know

At school I am no longer able to cope
And in the afternoons without you
Studying is useless. All my ideas
Revolve around you

It is not possible to divide
The lives of us two
I beg you, wait for me my love
But I cannot deceive you!

The loneliness between us
This silence inside me
Is the anxiety from living
Life without you

I beg you, wait for me because
I cannot be without you.
It is not possible to divide
The story of us two

The loneliness

Now the links, I promised

I hope the song gave you as much enjoyment as it did me and that you will look up other offerings by these two incredible women.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toys Brothel - A Tour

How I Learned to Love Sex in Second Life

A Tour of Toy Slaves Brothel. It seemed like such a simple task, but, now on my 4th version I can feel the pain.
In time, I may post some of the other versions. One even had sexy video running barely visible behind the tour, I really liked that one, but, it was impractical.
I think you'll like this version and I hope you will offer your comments.
So without further ado, here is the video.
For those without sound, the script is available below it.

Click the video and view it in HD and full screen for the best experience

As promised, here is the script...

Welcome to Toy Slaves Brothel and the world of sex in Second Life.  Toy Slaves Brothel is a premiere purveyor of all types of sex in second life, we can handle your request, kinky or straight (sorry no age/child play) .  Visit our club for an always enjoyable time, we boast some of the prettiest girls in all of Second Life.  Our girls are only too happy to serve.
Have a seat at the main stage, the bar or on any of the comfortable sofas. The music you hear is from our very own radio station, Brothel Radio, you'll hear things here you won't at other places and we're available in the World Wide Web too.
Settle back and watch the girls dance, there is no charge, but, the girls love tips and are sure to show a little, hmmm appreciation. Don't be shy, talked to them, they are very friendly.
Take a look at our escort boards, after all, we're a brothel.  All of the girls have tested as submissives and we have a special area for Dominants, a nod to our D/s DNA.  We're quite proud of our training and we've opened up some of it for new residents to Second Life The triple X theatre here by the boards includes instructional videos and panels along with some other essentials for your adult experience.
As we continue on our walk around the main club, we come upon storefronts that  showcase our play areas. The first of these is the Pain Prison, you'll need to hire one of the girls to get there. The teleport pad is private. The play areas are located on one of our other 4 islands, we keep lag under control that way. Looking around you'll see some familiar and not so familiar pieces of equipment. This is definitely our strongest sadomasochistic area, Dolcett play is available and we can fulfil almost any request with enough notice.
Next is our Femdom salon, a place to fulfil your worship and punishment needs. Check out the wrestling ring and the salon services for that special spa experience. Especially popular here is the sofa. I think this is perhaps Madame Aprille's favourite place.
Ah Asian, one of my favourite places, maybe it's because it is a copy of my SL home. Here in the shadow of Mount Fuji  we find many of the devices we expect at Toys, special though is the Shibari frame and the waterfall. I always feel relaxed here and it seems to rub off.
Ask about our bukkake experience, invite your friends or join one of our groups.
Arabian Nights is one of the areas, along with the Malibu Beach, that we've opened to the public. It's free to visit and includes everything you'll need for a truly memorable sexual experience. Click on the map teleporter in front of the storefront in the club. There are beautiful lounges, pools, furs and beds...explore with your special someone and find your favourite place.
Anchored just off the coast is our Mediterranean Pirate ship. Abandon yourself to sex under the stars or in the sumptuous Captain's quarters. A wonderful place for role play, check out the toys available on deck or in the hold. This poor fellow ran afoul  of the Pirate Queen. Take one of our girls and be her Captain.
The Italian Villa is home to our Italian Top Models. It, along with the French Villa is one of our most popular areas both with the girls and our clients. It has three levels, a cellar...fitted out as a dungeon play area, a second floor bed and bath and a main floor living area. The main floor area is complete with a kitchen, living and dining area. Those dents in the fridge are from my heels. We use everything here, try the counter, the sink, the sofas and of course the dining room table.
Adjacent to the villa is the TP pad to one of our newest areas, the orgy room can accommodate you and up to 9 of your friends, you'll need to hire one or more of the girls to obtain access, but, how many people use her and how is entirely up to you. The wall paintings alone are enough to get the juices flowing and the animations and pose combinations are superb. Why not give it a try someday soon, make it a party.
Out next stop is nestled in the French countryside. It has everything you've come to expect plus some of its own special equipment. While the Master nestles comfortably in the bedroom upstairs his next playthings wait for him in the cellar. The tub here is especially nice as is the foot fetish couch.
We are very lucky to have the Second Life University at Toy Slaves located here. The university is valuable in teaching our girls to behave and giving them both medical attention and physical exercise. The girls love it here using everything from the student commons, to the gymnasium(where the equipment serves dual roles) to the football field. Oh, there's a girl now, oh my!
On to Doll Island and the Malibu Beach. Doll Island is a Second Life institution, yes, this is the place. It houses the Doll Mall with things for everyone and so much more, punishment, pleasure and just relaxing. Should I say watch out for traps?
Have you been a good dolly or a bad dolly?
Doll is a hangout and playground for doll lovers, a place where you can feel free to explore your dreams and fantasies with other people who understand.  It is the home of the Pleasure Dolls group,  over 1500 people that love sexual role-play, femdom, latex and rubber, BDSM, bimbofication, hypnosis, mind control and human to doll enslavement.  Members love short and long Role Play (RP) activity. Feel free to help out by tossing a tip into one of the tip boxes.
Right next door is the Malibu Beach Babes area. The equipment here is free to use and it's everywhere. Sit around one of the fires or enjoy one of the beds, oh and don't miss out on the WV bus.
Thinking you just want a private dance, some time alone with a girl or a quick little something? Maybe our skyboxes are just what you're looking for. Choose a girl and give her your preference, she'll teleport you to one of the boxes. Our skyboxes, among other things, include a private grotto, a Vegas room, cozy winter retreat and a place at the beach.
If you decide to join us as a slave this is a very quick peek at the Phase2 training area. It prepares you for your service to Madame in the club and starts you on the path to embracing your slavery. I won't tell you much more than that here, if you're interested click the burgundy sign behind the bar to get started.
This area is where our family comes to relax, we have games and activities everything from popular SL games like Greedy to boats and flying carpets...even a firing range.
It is a private family area. Long term Dominants and Toy Slaves live here. The Toy Slave tag denotes an alpha girl, someone who has committed to Madame and given up her freedom forever. We don't value our Dancers and Escorts any less, it's just that they haven't yet made that commitment. In many cases because they haven't been with us long enough.
This  video was shot at Toy Slaves Brothel in Second Life. We're very proud of the hard work our girls put into making this a very special place that we're all proud of. We hope you'll come to visit us in world or on the World Wide Web.
If you have questions, come in and ask a girl, they'll be happy to help.
Thank you so much for watching

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is Restrained Love (RLV)?

The Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) is a different way of experiencing Second Life. For those interested in exploring dominance and submission it provides opportunities to make those Second Life experiences more real and the control and power exchange deeper and more involving.

The Restrained Love Viewer is an alternative to the standard Second Life Viewer. It was created by Marine Kelley. She, along with others have created a wide range of restraints that use the capabilities the viewer provides to make a true restraint experience in Second Life. Most collars and many of the restraints you find in the BDSM or D/s environments in Second Life use RLV to make them inescapable to a submissive or slave using the Restrained Love Viewer. By using RLV the bottom gives away their control to the Dominant. The Dominant does not need to be in the Restrained Love Viewer, the submissive uses it.

The slaves at Toys Brothel are in RLV with an active relay always ready to serve.

Among the experiences you can have with the Restrained Love Viewer that are not possible with standard Second Life include:

❤  Limits to communication - Blocked chat, IM's or notecards, hidden names and locations
❤ Forced stripping and wearing of clothes and attachments
❤   Inescapable cages and other bondage devices
❤   Forced tp anywhere your dom may want to send you
❤   Loss of privacy due to monitoring of your Second Life experience and communication
❤   Sensory deprivation limiting vision, sound, and touch
❤   Limits to your mobility in Second Life

You might invest in any of a number of control devices for your submissive, however, there are free relays available on Marketplace
Search for RLV relay and you will find some free items, if you are a resident of Second Life you'll see more by signing in and if you are adult verified in Second Life even more.
As noted most collars already operate in RLV. You only need to know the collar commands.

I've included the following link as it provides an easy reference for the Amethyst Collar (available at Sensations) a very popular collar brand in Second life and illustrates the type of things you can do with RLV and just the collar. The Amethyst collar is by no means the only collar available. The author of the pdf Duchesse Klip Klaar asks for a donation of 19L$ (about 7 or 8 cents) paid in world.
The same information is available in a note card for free when you buy the collar(without the nice cataloging of commands or the pretty pictures). 

There are many brands of collars available, some are even free. Instructions and commands for collars are usually contained in note cards included with the collar.

Why would anyone want to have these experiences in Second Life? It's because control and power exchange lies at the heart of the dominance and submission experience. The Restrained Life Viewer makes it all more possible and real in the world of Second Life.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Safe Words for Sex Slaves

Sorry about the quality of the video that goes with this post, but, I had to post it. Safe Words are no joke, maybe this humorous video does more to illustrate that than any amount of preaching we could do.

We support the use of safe words for our slaves at Toy Slaves Brothel.
Anyone who has been involved in Second Life for more than a few days will recognize that many of us identify very closely with what happens to our avatars. It is why D/s and BDSM work so well in the huge community of practitioners in Second Life.
If it is happening to your avatar, you feel it too. Our Dominants are instructed to get a safeword, sometimes the experience is that intense. It seems crazy somehow, but, one of my limits in Real Life is cutting, believe it or not, it freaks me out just as much in Second Life.

Come visit us in world, we have all the tools necessary for you to try it out.
Never been to Second Life, join now for free...Adult is available in the Advanced setting of the viewer

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Avatar Physics, guest posted by Aprille Shepherd

Sunday, 01 May 2011 16:30:35 GMT
Today Marine Released RLV 2.6.1

This is the latest version of the RLV, including LL's latest feature, Avatar Physics (Marine had many requests) plus a couple of other enhancements.  This (I believe)  makes Marines version  the first to have both RLV and Physics!
Remember Physics is not compatible with prim nipples and similar items (yet).
I think it should be pointed out that these avatar physics are set by you so that others (in appropriate viewers (2.6 +) see them working on you - whereas the Emerald/Phoenix implementation was set so that the person using it saw them applied to all avatars. 

The Avatar Physics is now included in the Standard SL Viewer Release Second Life 2.1.6
This viewer does not have RLV.  Other 3rd Party Viewers have also included Avatar Physics.
Firestorm 3 (due Mid May 2011) will have both RLV and Avatar Physics.
Phoenix and other viewer 1.x  code base systems will never have it.
(Note: The Phoenix team has since added an "avatar physics" patch to their viewer.)  

See a Video Demo of the Avatar Physics:
Note: there have been updates, version at the date of this post is
( Note : This is a STANDALONE version)

Remember, after you install Marine's Restrained Love, you need to import the voice files and create a shortcut on your desktop (if you want one).
Madame Trix did a video on Restrained Love viewers, Marine's is the first on it. The video explains about the voice files at around minute 3:05 of  the 9:35 Video.

Click to begin (best viewed in full screen and HD quality)

Here is the Linden Enhanced Avatar Physics Page..created by several Lindens:

Avatar Physics (this is a slider under the Graphics tab in Preferences)
Controls the frequency of display updates for enhanced avatar physics:
To make avatar physics movement smooth, move the slider to a high setting.
To make avatar physics less taxing for your computer, move the slider to a lower setting. Avatar physics movement will be less smooth, and you will not see avatar physics movement of avatars who are far away.  To turn off avatar physics, move the slider to the lowest setting.

Editing Physics
Physics is found under the My Outfits tab on the Sidebar
Click on the gear icon 1at the bottom of the pane and choose New Clothes 2then New Physics 3

Move the sliders to customize parameters for your avatar's breast, belly, and butt physics. Note: If your avatar is male, you can customize only your belly and butt.

Max effect
Controls the maximum range of movement. If set to 0, the feature is off.
Controls the speed of vibration. A higher number means your body part will vibrate more quickly.
Controls the size of the effect when movement is triggered. A higher number causes a larger effect.
Controls how long it takes for movement to stop after it's triggered. A higher number causes the movement to stop sooner.

1 - choose your slider settings
2 - move to each of the next areas, setting those you wish. Setting something   like belly bounce to "0" (zero) means it will not be on .
3 - When completed, name the new layer and save

Advanced Parameters
Breast / Belly / Butt Mass
Controls the modeled mass of the body part. A higher number makes the body part look heavier. This parameter affects all the other parameters.

Breast / Belly / Butt Gravity
Controls the strength of the pull toward the ground. A higher number means the pull is stronger.

Breast / Belly / Butt Drag
Controls the effect of air resistance. A higher number increases the air resistance.

  • Are there suggested settings?

We don't have suggested settings, because avatar physics is all about customizing your avatar's appearance in the way you want. It's kind of like building a's a personal thing.  However, since Enhanced Avatar Physics is a wearable item, there is an opportunity for clothing designers to offer physics wearables with customized settings and behaviour. Watch the Marketplace for Enhanced Avatar Physics wearables! Physics wearables have "permissions"  like any other Second Life creation and can be transferred, bought or sold.

  • Why don't my attachments move with my breasts, belly, or butt?

This is a technical limitation. There is currently no way to create an attachment point that moves with your breasts, belly, or butt, so attachments can only move with your internal avatar skeleton. Something may become available in the future.

Many Kisses My Pets  ~ Madame Aprille Shepherd

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sex in Second Life

I revised this post to include a better link to view the video. If you are curious about what sex in Second Life looks like, this might help. It is a text session, meaning that the avatars converse in text. It is creating an erotic story done by two.

The emoting styles between girls and even client to client can be quite different. We customize the emotes, even the sex, tailoring it to you. Sex in SL is not like a game, even the virtual sex games you see advertised, it is not canned. There is a real girl behind the avatar you hire, thinking and reacting to your sexual needs as only a real person can. The video illustrates the most common kind of SL sex, but, voice (phone sex with avatars you control acting out your desires) and in some cases cam are commonly available.

Second Life and specifically Toys Brothel offers a different but safe sexual experience, not only regular sexual experiences but also a place where you can get your kink on. BDSM, D/s, Dolcett; kinks common to these are readily available; for truly unusual requests, give us some time and we can deliver an incredible experience.
The video is best viewed full screen

You can view the video Full Screen on Naughty Machinima, it is too graphic for YouTube. Follow this link...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marine Releases Restrained Love 2.7

For Second Life Residents who participate in the large D/s, BDSM or slave culture download the updated Restrained Love viewer here
The Restrained Love viewer is used by the submissive/slave partner in these relationships.

If you haven't tried it, you are missing out on the chance to really give over control to your Master or Mistress. Many of the furniture items, things like cages, bondage horses, racks and just about anyway you can think to be confined can be fitted or may already be fitted with RLV functionality.  But, the control doesn't stop there.
Give in to your inner need for control.
Play safe

p.s.  Remember, after you install Marine's Restrained Love, you need to import the voice files and create a shortcut on your desktop (if you want one). It's very simple to do, specific instructions are included at minute 3:05 of the video.

Click on the video, it is best viewed in HD and full page


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Marine Kelley includes Avatar Physics

I hope this is my last post on bouncy bits.../me giggles
The Restrained Love Viewer came out today with the new avatar physics package.
You can download Marine's viewer at

To see how physics works, see any of my earlier posts on the subject, the most recent is here

Marine explains the update on her blog.

Remember, after you install Marine's Restrained Love, you need to import the voice files and create a shortcut on your desktop (if you want one).
I did a video on Restrained Love viewers, Marine's is the first on it. The video explains about the files at around minute 3:05.
Click on the video, it is best viewed in HD and full page