Sunday, June 5, 2011

Toys Brothel on the Web

Sometimes the Adult community in Second Life feels a little like an orphan or an unwelcome relative or maybe just Linden Labs dirty little secret. We think a "profitable for them" dirty little secret, but, for some reason we survive.
Maybe it is what my "real Life" brother once said, "Without porn the world wide web would not have survived." Or as I often say in the club, "Second Life is a place to do things you could only dream of doing in real life. This is a place to live your fantasies, not only sexual, but, yes those too".
Try it I think you'll like it.

Toys has always had a website where you can check to see which girls are online, check out the blog or just learn more about the portals and the brothel... even learn how to join us.
And of course, there is our own radio station with its very eclectic mix of music, some that you will not find other places. Sprinkled throughout the regular mix, you'll find songs where you will definitely want to listen to the lyrics.
These both have been around for quite some time, but, now Madame is branching out, bringing Toy Slaves Brothel to the world at large...check out these links...for the Brothel and Madame (you'll find me there too)
the Brothel fan page

A Brothel company page
and of course Madame's entry
follow Madame Aprille's tweets to learn what is happening right now 
or as I sometimes call it...Facebook for the D/s community, go ahead check it out, you might just like it

If you are not a regular follower of my blog and haven't seen our video tour, here it is...
Click on the video to open, then I recommend you watch in 720HD and full screen
I hope you will come visit us inworld, we would love to have you or as Madame  says...
"Cum play with my Toys"

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  1. Facebook shut down the fan page for Toys and took down Aprille's real life Facebook page, I guess it was just too closely connected to the Brothel page. I've corrected the links today, directing everyone to the new pages.
    If you tried to get to the Facebook pages on the old links, I apologize...but, there was no warning or explanation from Facebook.