Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Chickens Come Home to Roost

I guess it was bound to happen.
First, thank You Jessica Lyon. This is an excellent article describing how to work around the permissions "bug". 

Basically what happened was that a number of the TPV, almost all, responded to the Second Life community's loud groan when Linden deployed their new web profiles by using something more like the old profiles.

There are definitely some issues with web profiles, but, their purpose was to give SL a higher profile and that can't be all bad. They do load more slowly and they take up an inordinate amount of screen space, however, like all of the changes over the last year, you become accustomed to them relatively quickly. It is a pain for club owners and managers who often quickly scan a profile to learn more about their customers' likes, dislikes, wants and needs.

The solution to the permissions"bug" is to go to the online web profile and change the permissions there. It's not hard to do.
Jessica does an excellent job of explaining how to find them and what to do once you're there.

Friend Permissions Bug 

TUE, 19 JUL 2011

By Jessica Lyon

There have been more than enough reports from SL users to justify a blog post informing everyone of this new server bug and how to work around it. It was discovered by one of our support people on an RC region and reported to LL on the 9th of July, it was acknowledged by LL on July 12th but by then it was too late to stop the roll out onto the main grid.

The Bug
You can no longer change permissions for your friends while on a viewer which doesn't utilize Web Profiles and whether you are, or are not on a viewer that uses web profiles the friend you are changing permissions for needs to relog after you have set the permissions through their web profile. I am assured by LL that they intend to resolve this issue as soon as possible but at this time they cannot provide a date when the fix will be rolled out. You can read the Jira report about the bug here

The Work Around
In the meantime, there is a work around. First, you must open the "Web" profile of the person you wish to change permissions for. This includes Map rights, Modify my objects permissions and Online status permissions.
1. Open the web profile of the person you wish to change permissions for using the following URL in your web browser. Replace the first name and last name with the persons first and last name. If they do not have a visible last name do
2. Once you have their profile open, click on the "ACTIONS" button near the top and to the right, then choose "Permissions" from the sub menu.
3. Give or remove the permissions you wish to change and click "Save".
4. Now the person you've changed the permission for will need to relog in order for them to actually get the permission change.


If you just want to remove all permissions for a friend to default, you can just remove them from your friend list and re add them.

I hope this helps folks at least understand the bug and how to work around it. Lets hope LL can get the fix out soon!

Jessica Lyon
The Phoenix Viewer Project

Thank you again, Jessica! Wonderful post.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is Second Life

There is a constant debate in Second Life and sometimes outside of it about what Second Life is. It is a difficult place to describe because it includes so much.
For some it is a social network, for others a place to practice building, others still use it for commerce and creativity.
Personally, after nearly 3 years in Second Life I like to think I use it to one degree or another for all of these things. I have friends in Second Life, many are now Real Life friends. I could couch surf my way around the globe relying on the people I've met on every continent for a place to sleep. It is truly a marvelous place; safe, secure, diverse and just soooo much fun.
It's a challenge to show the quality of the graphics, but, I think this video does as good a job as I've seen.
You can be who you want to be in Second Life
Come in, give it a try...I think you'll like it
Click the video, enlarge it and play in full HD  (finally)

Monday, July 18, 2011

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Age Verification Changes in Second Life

What an incredible breath of fresh air. Gone is the age verification system that had people from all over the world sending passport, driver's license and SSN information for verification...yea!

To replace it a new age verification process, and this may sound familiar, you enter your date of birth, check a box verifying that it is true, then submit.
Yes, just that simple.

Go to your Dashboard, you'll find it under the Me menu, then Account and on that drop-down(mine always seems to be open to Account) choose Age Verification. There you'll find the boxes to enter your date of birth. If you have already given this information to Linden at some point, the boxes will be already filled in, mine were, then, put a checkmark in the box verifying that the information is true and submit.

Submitting this information is the first step, now go to your Preferences in the viewer (Ctrl+P) or (Me menu, Preferences, General) and change your preferences to allow you to view all content (General, Moderate and Adult).
So, there you are. If you've avoided checking out the incredible part of Second Life that is Adult because you were concerned about giving your private information...that bar has been lifted.
Come in and see what we have to offer. 

I think you'll like it.
See you in Second life! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Erotic Stories and Second Life

I'm sometimes asked about emoting by new girls in the brothel. These are usually questions from girl new to Second Life and to the world of erotic chat. That tells me that emoting isn't really that hard. It's only the initial attempts that make girls uncomfortable. After a while, they become quite adept, after all, if you work in a Second Life Brothel greeting and dancing for customers hour after hour, how can you avoid it.

My first piece of advice for really new residents to Second Life is to simply describe what your avatar is doing in the onscreen animation. For a pole dancer this is easy, the moves range from hanging upside down to perching high up on the pole to swinging around the pole and just about anything else you can imagine in between. Almost as a warm up, I begin a routine on the pole by wrapping my leg around the tall, hard pole and spinning quickly (or slowly) around it. What could be simpler?

After you have described what you are doing, next, describe how it feels. Something like, Trix shivers as the cold pole splits her cheeks. Make these sexy, make them fun. It's a simple add-on to the description, just imagine what it would feel like to grind back nearly naked into a cold hard pole with your heated sex, and describe it.

And lastly, interact with your customers, you're there for them, hoping that they enjoy your work and thank you in a financial way. Smile, wink, and talk to them.

Roleplay or Emoting Sex Scenes, whatever you choose to call it, is very much like collaborating on an erotic story with a partner. Some participate more than others, some hardly at all. Whomever, you are interacting with, your story will always have a beginning (foreplay) a middle (any combination of fellatio, vaginal sex, anal sex, whipping, confinement, domination, submission or just plain straight sex) and an end (climax or orgasm).

This so much resembles an erotic story, because it is one...played out with the pictures and animations on the screen. Sex scenes, like dancing, are describing what you are doing, how it feels and interacting with your partner. The words and experiences you are describing are simply more physical and collaborative.

I sometimes refer girls who are having difficulty with this story writing aspect to the thousands of erotic stories available on the web. There are some very imaginative writers out there who describe a myriad of scenes, fetishes and situations. You are looking to these stories more for their erotic descriptions than anything else, but, they might give you ideas about scenes as well.

The two most common sites I direct girls to are:


both, are well indexed and searchable.

 All of our participants are over 18 years old with a healthy imagination so with a little priming of the pump, they quickly blossom into incredible emoters. Most don't need much help, but, we're always there with suggestions, like these links, if they do. Sex in Second Life is better because of the pictures, the action plays out on the screen in an incredibly erotic fashion, so come in and try it, I think you'll like it.

And, for our girls, Practice, Practice know you love it.