Friday, July 1, 2011

Erotic Stories and Second Life

I'm sometimes asked about emoting by new girls in the brothel. These are usually questions from girl new to Second Life and to the world of erotic chat. That tells me that emoting isn't really that hard. It's only the initial attempts that make girls uncomfortable. After a while, they become quite adept, after all, if you work in a Second Life Brothel greeting and dancing for customers hour after hour, how can you avoid it.

My first piece of advice for really new residents to Second Life is to simply describe what your avatar is doing in the onscreen animation. For a pole dancer this is easy, the moves range from hanging upside down to perching high up on the pole to swinging around the pole and just about anything else you can imagine in between. Almost as a warm up, I begin a routine on the pole by wrapping my leg around the tall, hard pole and spinning quickly (or slowly) around it. What could be simpler?

After you have described what you are doing, next, describe how it feels. Something like, Trix shivers as the cold pole splits her cheeks. Make these sexy, make them fun. It's a simple add-on to the description, just imagine what it would feel like to grind back nearly naked into a cold hard pole with your heated sex, and describe it.

And lastly, interact with your customers, you're there for them, hoping that they enjoy your work and thank you in a financial way. Smile, wink, and talk to them.

Roleplay or Emoting Sex Scenes, whatever you choose to call it, is very much like collaborating on an erotic story with a partner. Some participate more than others, some hardly at all. Whomever, you are interacting with, your story will always have a beginning (foreplay) a middle (any combination of fellatio, vaginal sex, anal sex, whipping, confinement, domination, submission or just plain straight sex) and an end (climax or orgasm).

This so much resembles an erotic story, because it is one...played out with the pictures and animations on the screen. Sex scenes, like dancing, are describing what you are doing, how it feels and interacting with your partner. The words and experiences you are describing are simply more physical and collaborative.

I sometimes refer girls who are having difficulty with this story writing aspect to the thousands of erotic stories available on the web. There are some very imaginative writers out there who describe a myriad of scenes, fetishes and situations. You are looking to these stories more for their erotic descriptions than anything else, but, they might give you ideas about scenes as well.

The two most common sites I direct girls to are:


both, are well indexed and searchable.

 All of our participants are over 18 years old with a healthy imagination so with a little priming of the pump, they quickly blossom into incredible emoters. Most don't need much help, but, we're always there with suggestions, like these links, if they do. Sex in Second Life is better because of the pictures, the action plays out on the screen in an incredibly erotic fashion, so come in and try it, I think you'll like it.

And, for our girls, Practice, Practice know you love it.


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