Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Communication at Toys

Here's the text of the narration for the video...

Communication at Toys is very important. Today we'll look at the ways we communicate and to make it easier.
There are three areas of the window where we communicate Nearby chat, IM/Group Chat icons and the Notifications.
Clicking the up arrow next to Nearby Chat opens the history (the last few posts). When open, you can monitor ongoing chat and undock and resize the window if you prefer it in a  less active area of your screen. Click and drag the title bar to move the window. Resize using the lower right corner.
IM & Group Chat icons appear in a second area of the screen, they can be repositioned and resized in a similar way. Click the icon to open it then move and size. It will appear again where you repositioned it, if you minimize then reopen.
Be careful not to close Toys Group chat, it is where you will receive ongoing private group chat from your sisters and dominants. If you close it, those messages will stop and will not resume until you manually reopen it.
Notifications appear as a message on screen first then minimize to the notification box in the lower right. Click the box to open the recent history and open the individual notices by clicking on them. From here you can read the notice and any attachments. Clicking the X next to the notice deletes it and the X on the title bar closes the notification box for now.
Group notices are archived for 14 days. Please get into the habit of checking in Toy Slaves group for any you may have missed.
Go to the people tab and choose my groups. Scroll down to Toy Slaves, highlight it and choose group profile, then notices. Notices can be sorted by date, issuer or subject. Click on a notice and its contents will appear in the Archived Notice box below. You can open any attachments from here.
Sometimes we use voice to communicate. We do not require girls to use voice, however, if at all possible we would like you to listen through headphones or speakers. To determine if you are able to hear voice go to the menu bar, click Me then preferences, choose the sound and media tab and check that voice chat is enabled.
Music can easily drown out voice, so you might need to adjust the sliders, turning down music and turning up voice. Click OK to accept the change. Remember you can pause music at any time using the pause button on the top bar.
Thank you so much for watching.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emoting 101 - Toy Slaves Brothel Training

This is the most recent version of Emoting 101 and includes a link to the previously promised video.

Sex Emoting in Second Life

I created this video for inclusion in a training booklet used with our girls, the Emoting 101 handbook.

Watching this should give you some idea of how text sex works in Second Life. The emoting styles between girls and even client to client can be quite different. we customize the emotes, even the sex, client to client. Sex in SL is not like a game, even the virtual sex games you see advertised, it is not canned. There is a real girl behind the avatar you hire, thinking and reacting to your sexual needs as only a real person could. The video illustrates the most common kind of SL sex, but, voice (phone sex with avatars you control acting out your desires) and in some cases cam are commonly available.

Second Life and specifically Toys Brothel offers a different but safe sexual experience encompassing not only regular sexual appetites but also a place where you can get your kink on. BDSM, D/s, Dolcett; kink common to these is readily available; for truly unusual requests, give us some time and we can deliver an incredible experience.
The video is best viewed full screen

You can view the video Full Screen on Naughty Machinima, it is too graphic for YouTube. Follow this link...