Saturday, April 30, 2011

So, You Want to be a Second Life Sex Toy

I've created a new video explaining the first part of the intake process at the Toy Slaves Brothel in Second Life. I work there.
Second Life is an excellent place to do those things you wouldn't or couldn't do in Real Life (as we call it). At Toy Slaves the only requirement for being trained to serve in a D/s role is to promise to serve for 30 days, most girls stay much longer...I've been there over two and a half years.
Visit the website here
and here's the video about the first phase of our training, it's only the beginning. To see what I didn't show you, you'll need to take the training.
How submissive do you feel?
Open the video and watch in Full Screen and HD

The video is closed captioned, but, below is the script just in case you need a translation.

Welcome to another Toy Slaves training video.
So you are thinking about becoming a Toy Slave, hopefully, this video will help you to decide whether you wish to join our family and assist you in completing the intake process.
Toy Slaves is an active club having, at the time of this video, five Sims, 10 play areas, 200 girls and more than 30 Dominants.  There is no pay. Everything we do supports the club and the play areas.  Our slaves turn over everything they earn to Madame Aprille and the family.  In return Madame supplies us with areas to live, work and play.  In addition, she provides for the slaves' physical and emotional needs.
Now to begin.  From the club, look behind the bar to the red sign that says, " be a toy slave"  Left clicking on the sign will Teleport you to a small room where you can learn more or begin the intake procedure.
It is important to understand the rules we all abide by.  Our number one rule is that real life comes first, always.  Please pause the video to read the remaining rules.  It is important that you understand them.
If having read the rules, you still wish to continue with the intake procedure, select the stream that you wish to follow.  You may choose dominant, switch or slave.  All of our Dominants take the slave training as well.  This allows them to better understand the process should they be called upon to help a slave during intake.  Dominants who complete the slave training should contact Madame Aprille or Madame Trix to obtain our Dominant Handbook.
 As the sign reads, we are not accepting male submissives or switches.  If you are a male and wish to serve Madame, you may contact Aprille Shepherd and arrange a suitable tribute.
If, instead of "join now" you select "learn more", you will receive a link the Toy Slaves web site.
Selecting the dominant, switch or submissive button above Apply Now determines the group tag you will receive for the phase one training.  Otherwise, the process remains the same.  We will use the submissive button for the purpose of this video.  Left clicking a button initiates a number of processes.
First, you will receive a popup.  Upon selecting the link you will be connected to the Toy Slaves web site.  It requests that you copy some system information into the box, we collect this information for our security.  The text above the box explains.  The information we ask for is available under Help on the Second Life menu bar.  Under Help, select "About Second Life",  from here you can copy the information using either copy and paste or the convenient button.  You will likely need to bring the webpage up again and paste the information into the box.  Click on submit and the webpage will close and you will receive a group invite.  The invite is important in enabling you to Teleport to the phase one training area.
One other thing, when interacting with Dominants or clients you will need to be wearing your group tag.  Newer versions of the Second Life viewer come with group titles turned off by default.  To correct this, go to the Me menu on the Second Life menu bar and select Preferences.  Under the General  tab ensure that the show group titles checkbox is selected.  If your group title is already shown this step is unnecessary.
The map Teleport window is preselected to take you to the phase one training area.  Left click on Teleport.
Our phase one training area is designed to assist Second Life residents of many experience levels.  For experienced residents this area will be incredibly simple, however, if you are unfamiliar with the Restrained Love functions or have not participated in BDSM in Second Life you will find this area helpful.  The podiums where you landed provide some very basic videos for the Second Life viewer.  If you are already familiar with how the viewer works these are unnecessary.
Next proceed to the XXX theatre.  Inside you will find more basic instruction for using common items found in Second Life.  Experienced residents will probably recognize how to do all of these things.  Select any that may be of interest to you as training.
Proceeding through the building, you will come upon four coloured pads.  The first of these has a Toy Slaves collar, this is a Toys in Waiting collar, follow the instructions and wear it.  The next pad has a video about the Restrained Love viewer.  If you do not already have Restrained Love, you should download and install it at this point.  Instructions are included in the video.  Using and being in Restrained Love is a requirement for slaves at Toy Slaves Brothel and absolutely necessary to complete the intake process. Our Dominants do not normally need to be in Restrained Love, however, will need it for the intake process to complete.
The final pad, the blue one, is a good place to set your home just in case you are unable to complete the phase one training today.  The pad will allow you to return to this point in the training. You must be wearing an "In Waiting" tag to set your home to here.
Continuing down the path you will encounter another podium, at this one you can obtain some BDSM equipment.  Looking ahead is some equipment we commonly use in the play areas.  The locking feature on these items has been disabled, when next you encounter these types of items you will need to be careful not to lock yourself into a submissive pose.  These, however, are safe to explore.
Next, move to the large metal door.  Behind this door is the end of phase one training, it has a test to determine your suitability to be a Toy Slave submissive.  It is necessary to pass the test with a score of at least 70% to proceed to phase two training.  You may take the test a second time if you do not achieve a score of 70%.  True Dominants will likely need to get in touch with their submissive side [or cheat a little].
Through the door, left clicking on the poster will get you a testing HUD; find the HUD in your recent inventory and wear it.  Choose one of the white pillows and sit.  Left clicking the HUD will begin the test; there are 55 multiple choice questions.  There is plenty of time to answer them all.
Once you answer the last question, the HUD will score the test and send your results almost immediately.  You will also receive a pass note and an invite to the Training group.  The pass note contains instructions you will require during the next phase of intake.  You should find it in your recent  inventory and open it.
You can stand and detach the testing HUD. Check to be sure you are wearing the TSB trainee tag and left click on the Toys Training Center door behind you.  It is a Teleport to the next step on your journey.
Follow the instructions in each of the rooms you enter, you will be asked to leave the Restrained Love viewer in the first room and asked return to it before leaving room 2.  For the Dominants, especially the men, follow the instructions exactly or you will miss all the fun.
We won't show the intake process here.
When you are dropped off at the other end, click on the training centre door and step out into our training area.  Read the notecard that you received then proceed down the green line where you will receive a link to a video describing what to do next.
Good luck!  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update on Physics in Second Life

That certainly didn't take long. 10 days ago we were reporting on Physics in Snowstorm and as of Friday, Physics made it into the regular viewer download. 
Is this a game changer for viewer 2? Only time will tell.

You can download the regular Linden Labs Viewer interface here
Once you have it installed, go to the My Outfits tab under My Appearance on the Sidebar. Click on the gear icon 1 at the bottom of the pane and choose New Clothes 2 then New Physics 3

Physics behaves much as any new clothing layer would. The layer opens with the default movement set to zero, that translates to no movement. Move the sliders to increase the effects, then fine tune your settings using one of your favourite dances to view the movement. 
My Physics layer opened at Breast Bounce 1, I initially set this to 50% and left the other settings as they were. Move on to each of the other areas  2, Breast Cleavage, Breast Sway, Belly Bounce, Butt Bounce and Butt Sway creating your personalized physics.
The final settings under Advanced Parameters refine the movement even more with things like Mass.

Finally, name and save 3 the physics you've created. You can create additional physics layers, maybe you would like to mimic different amounts of movement under a dress as opposed to the movement you would see with a flimsy bikini. It is worn just like clothing, so be sure to include it in your outfits as you create them. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marine Kelley's Restrained Love Viewer- Version 2.6

Marine Kelley has a new version of her viewer. She's added some features from the much anticipated Firestorm viewer.
You can download the Restrained Love Viewer as always from erestraint, but, first visit Marine's blog to see her description of the new changes...

Marine Kelley's Blog - Real Restraint

If you are a RPer in Second Life and have not tried RLV,  give it a try. It can add some spice and danger to your roleplay. You will find the link to erestraint on Marine's blog...start with the link above.

The first half of the following video illustrates how to install Marine's viewer. It includes instructions on how to copy some files over to enable voice in the viewer. (the second half deals with 2 viewers using the older style interface and is unnecessary).

Click the video to enlarge and change the quality to 720p for the best viewing

There are some interesting changes in this version, give it a try, I think you'll like it.
No jiggly bits in this one yet, but, I understand they're coming

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Linden Labs Moves Fast

Bouncy, jiggly bits already in the Linden beta.
You can download your copy of 2.6.3
It's still in Beta.

You'll find the Second Life Viewer Beta as shown on the page below. I've circled the spot in red. Clicking on the big yellow Download at the top of the page will get you the standard SL viewer; that's NOT what you want.

Click to enlarge

Friday, April 8, 2011

Allow your Dominant more Control

While you have probably already friended your Dominant in Second Life, letting them find you wherever you are is another step in your submission to them.
Here's a video that will show you how to do that. Of course, substitute your Master's or Mistress' name for the ones used in the video...Enjoy
Click to start the video then select HD and full screen for the best experience

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boobies in Second Life

Breast Physics in Second Life is not new. Setting for it existed in the old Emerald Viewer and are currently available in Phoenix.
What is new is that Linden's newest Alpha (Snowstorm 2.6.3 ) has included breast physics. It differs from the Phoenix model in a couple of respects. First, it uses a new layer call the Physics layer that you wear much like clothing. Second, it allows you to modify bounce and sway in three areas, Breasts and Breast Cleavage, Ass and Belly. There are multiple settings for each area, much like what Emerald pioneered, but different.
Here's a link to how it works for those interested in the science. It includes a You Tube video showing the difference.
If you aren't interested in the how and just want to see a You Tube appropriate video, here's the video.
Click the video to enlarge and watch in fullscreen and higher quality

On the other hand, if you want the adult version from Naughty Machinima watch this one...

Another difference is that the physics will be seen by everyone the way you set them to be, once you've upgraded to a compatible viewer. As I understand it, the physics in Phoenix sets how you view all avatars' breast movement. It had nothing to do with their settings, just yours.

"TRIAL" copies of this not quite ready for prime time viewer are available from Linden or KirstenLee.

I tested Kirsten's which you can find at this link. Here's what she said about testing it...
 "For the curious and lunatic fringe that like bugs and crashes please find the latest build snapshot in the 'Test Builds' Section.

Don't download it unless you really really are willing to accept alpha code...
Somehow I think this build will get LOTS of testing, its rough as a bag of bolts at the moment but the image gives a hint as to the feature.

Anyway I expect the next series of builds will see yet another massive bunch of changes to keep up with the breakneck pace of things lately."
If that didn't discourage you, you can download it from her site. It is in the test build section.

I tested the Linden version too, download that version at...
Go to the testing area of the wiki page and download the viewer for your platform.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to Basics: Linden Lab Releases a Basic Viewer

Back to Basics: Linden Lab Releases a Basic Viewer
A friend sent me the link above to this well written post which I'm just passing along.
I'll try not to give over this blog to the new 2.6 viewer and the issues I see with the Basic mode.
The comments in the post about users of the Basic viewer being only observers using up resources are too true.

Opting in to View Adult Content in Second Life

View in HD and Full Screen for the Best Experience

The following video was posted by Torley Linden in a previous version of the Linden viewer. New residents using the current 2.6 viewer will need to be in the Advanced mode to see this interface.
If you want to see Adult content, the advanced setting is for you, it opens up the search function and access to thousands of adult venues. More than just sex is rated adult in Second Life.

If you are not yet adult verified, you can do it from your account page. You do NOT have to give payment information or sign up for a premium account to access adult venues. There are multiple documents that the age verification system can use (passport, driver's lic., SSN and others). The information is not kept after the verification process. Read the form to satisfy yourself.
To get there from the viewer...

Go to the Me menu and choose My Dashboard

Choose  Account clicking on the chevron to open it

From the Drop Down options choose Age Verification

The Age Verification form looks like this. Complete it using the form of identification you choose and submit it. Usually the process completes within moments.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visit Adult Sites in Second Life

VIEW IN HD AND FULL SCREEN for the best experience

Download the viewer and begin to discover a place where you can do things you only dream of.