Friday, June 24, 2011

Toy Training - Secondlife - Toy Slaves Brothel Wiki

I've been off and on, over the last couple of weeks, working on the wiki.

Toy Training - Secondlife - Toy Slaves Brothel Wiki

Here's my first Training Page post. The site is very much a work in progress, isn't that the definition of wiki? Now here's the post...

We hope that this page and the pages after it will make your experience with us more interactive. We get between 4 and 10 new girls accessing training everyday, weekends are particularly busy, Going through the process seems a little daunting at first, but hopefully being able to access the training materials while outside of Toys will make it easier for you.

In this section of Our Wiki, yes...isn't it great...Our Wiki, you'll find the same information available in world. You will still need to be in world to actually use the mock up of the club found in Portal 1. Also necessary to complete are the physical challenges in Portal 2 and learning to use the equipment available in Portal 4. We've included the information from the notecards for all the training portals in the wiki. Our hope is that this will give you time to review these at a more leisurely pace. I joined Toys nearly 3 years ago and while the process was different back then, there was still the excitement of joining this new adventure and every delay, every notecard seemed only to keep me from meeting that goal. No wonder then, that girls rush through them missing important information.

So here it is, all in one place. You will need the link you received in the training portal to access, the pages beyond this one. To start, here's the So you Want to be a Toy Slave video.

Use the back button on your browser to return to this page after the video.

We would love to have your Comment[[1]] about the experience; some suggestions for what you might include are:
1.      Liked, this
2.      Disliked, this
3.      Had trouble with, what
4.      Didn't understand, what
5.      Could be better, how
6.      General comments
These are only suggestions of things you might say, we welcome any comment...positive or negative

See you in the club, Welcome to Toys!


  1. Yay! This is awesome! How does a Toy Slave-in-training get the password if they started training before this post?

  2. Thank you samantha, I am still adding content to the private wiki and will need to get it approved by Madame.
    I'll give you a link to it as it progresses, but, it will contain the same information as the training portals. The purpose being to allow girls to access the information outside of Second Life. As the post says giving them time to "review at a leisurely pace". It seems to work for the dominants with their manual. I have my fingers crossed it will also work for the girls.

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