Friday, June 10, 2011

You Need This Setting to Search Adult Sites in Second Life

I hope some of the things I've written here have been helpful. Even more, I hope that I've piqued some people's interest and maybe convinced them to try Second Life.
 It really is a place that allows you, actually encourages you to do things you might never be able to do in Real Life. I read a quote I think is on point and I would like to share it here...

No matter how pleasant and fulfilling your daily life is, sometimes you need to escape from your role as responsible adult, dutiful worker or dedicated family member. The more stressful that role is, the further it is from your own deepest impulses, the more you need an escape from the limitations of everyday life. Some people use alcohol, drugs, or gambling to transcend their ordinary lives, but these activities generally prove to be both destructive and unsatisfying. But the escape provided by a rich fantasy life can be constructive and extraordinarily fulfilling. Instead of destroying true intimacy, shared fantasy increases it. Instead of harming the body, sexual release helps it. Instead of stifling the needs of your true self, fantasy allows you to express and realize your deepest needs and in the process, fantasy brings forth a new, stronger reality.
                                                 …… Mistress Lorelei

The quote is from... The Mistress Manual (a good girls guide to female dominance) 
by Mistress Loreli
It is available from most booksellers and at Amazon in both print and e-book versions. 
The quote mentions sexual release, but, seems true even out of that context. It just struck me as true.

But clearly I'm now off topic.
I am posting a video today about switching the mode on the Second Life viewer from Basic to Advanced. I think almost everyone switches very early...the Basic mode has been described as tourist mode by some and it is very limited in the experience. 
I hope you are not one who has been turned off by the limited experience using the Basic viewer, the solution is as simple as the click of a drop down menu.
Many in the Second Life Adult Community express concern at its lack of Search and therefore access to the adult side of Second Life. 

If you are wondering how, this video is for you. If you are just now thinking of joining our little community, maybe, this will help you to discover all of it.
As always, I do my videos in 720 HD, so the quality is good enough to view full screen. I've included the script below the video, pause the video if you need to look at something more closely. 
I hope you enjoy.

Click the video, choose 720HD and full screen

Now, the script...

When you first join Second Life and download the viewer you’ll find yourself in the Basic mode.  In order to experience the whole of Second Life it is necessary to take off your training wheels and immerse yourself in the community by changing to the Advanced mode.

It is quite simple to make the change.  You will know that you are in the basic viewer by noticing the drop down on the sign in screen or if the interface looks like this.  You’ll recognize the Destinations button and the default avatars.  Instructions for changing to the Advanced viewer are available under the How To button, click it and when the window opens click the drop down and choose “switch to advanced mode” the instructions are there, but, don’t worry I’m going to show you how.
First we will need to exit the viewer.

Now, we will open Second Life to change the mode that we use.  You only need to do this once, Second Life will remember in the future. In the drop down, change the mode to Advanced…the pop-up advises that you need to Quit for the change to take effect.

Now open Second Life again, when it opens at the sign in screen you will see that you are now in Advanced mode; sign in as usual.
When Second Life loads you will immediately see a few changes to the interface. You now have available to you, Inventory, Search and a Menu Bar. On the sidebar is a link to your customizable profile, an inventory for things you collect or buy and a place to store complete outfits.

Something you didn’t have in the Basic viewer was an opportunity to explore any areas, excepting those chosen by Linden to be on the Destinations bar. Notably missing was the majority of the Adult community in Second Life. Prepare yourself, there is so much to see.

Finally the Menu Bar, it gives you access to preference settings (more customization) and many more functions. The Advanced and Develop menu items only show up if you choose them in preferences and have very specialized operations, unnecessary most of the time.
I hope you find this video helpful and…thank you for watching

See you in Second Life

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