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Probably after the "What do I do now?" question, the next most common is "How do I ..._____?" Linden has done a great job of teaching the very basic things in the intake process. The process is short, thank goodness; when people think of joining our community, they don't want to spend hours learning how. There is, however, still a lot to learn once you finish it. And the Linden training says nothing about Adult.

This post is mostly taken from a note card that I give to new residents when I see them arrive in the club. Just by their arrival, I know that they are adult verified (we are an adult sim, you cannot visit without first being verified by Linden) and that they have their viewer set to advanced. Otherwise, they could not receive the informational notecard or the free clothing, hair, shapes etc. I send.

Here are some web resources to help you learn about SL (Second Life).

Linden Labs (the owners of SL) started a new user interface in the Spring of 2010. You might hear some of the residents complaining about it, but, it is the default viewer and likely the one you received on coming to Second Life. It's a perfectly good viewer; the complaints are mostly about learning something new.

One of the best things about it is it's contextual help. You are probably used to that from the web, but, the browser help in Second Life is much improved over the previous viewer. There is an excellent video about it here.

Torley Linden, who did the video you just watched is probably the most recognized voice in Second Life. He has hundreds of tutorial videos covering how things work. His video tutorials are great!

Look at the Quick Start guide he mentioned in the video. I did a short unofficial video about it.

Next, is the official site for videos. There are many video tutorials on lots of topics. Under the index look for "Beginners" first, but don't stop there. There's lots of  stuff non critical to you for now, but, it will show you the fascination that keeps most of us here in Second Life. There's just sooo much to do!
Not just Torley, but, many residents of Second Life have created videos you can find on You Tube and other sites.

But you are going to want to get started, so, come to the club where you will find RESOURCES YOU CAN USE RIGHT AWAY AT TOYS. For tutorials and free stuff check out the abandoned XXX Theatre at the top of the stairs near the escort boards in the club. We've converted it to a new resident welcome centre.

You'll find an animation override (it makes the Linden walk smoother, among other things) and a cock (yes gentlemen, you'll need one of those). 

I have some information on this blog too. Dealing with how to sign up, become adult verified and how to set your viewer to "advanced" in order to search for adult themes and sex in Second Life. Please check through the archive posts.

A common question we get  is how to work poseballs and pay residents? Go figure, we're a brothel after all. Here's a short video on that.

Another common question, usually after someone has heard one of us speaking at Toys is, how do I turn on voice? Here's a short video.

Why not take a brief video tour of the backstage part of Toys (our role play/sex areas). What you see around the club in the storefronts is only a representation of the larger areas, villas, beaches, castles and dungeons we offer. As Madame Aprille will be proud to tell you, we have 5 islands (sims), 200 girls, 20 dominants (probably 30 by now) and 3 clubs.
See more about it here.

We have a website too. http://www.toybrothel.com

Besides voice, there is a lot of media in Second Life. You probably have it all set up already. We've included a video.

Most residents personalize their profile with pictures and places visited, groups joined and things they like. It's easy to do.

The getting started tips at the following website were written quite some time ago but are still valid, however, many of the addresses have changed, moved or disappeared. 

We hope you find these videos helpful. They are really only a start. But, with these basics, you are good to go. there is sooo much more, but, you have time to learn. For now, go and enjoy, there plenty of time for the rest later.

Thank you for visiting Toys Slaves and enjoy your Second Life

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