Saturday, May 28, 2011

Italian Top Models at Toy Slaves Brothel

This video completely captivated me. You don't need to know the lyrics to enjoy the pure beauty of the two voices. The song "La Solitudine" was a popular hit for Laura Pausini, one of the singers featured in the video, an Italian songstress who also records in Spanish. The second singer here is Lara Fabian a Flemish/Italian who holds Canadian citizenship. As evidenced here both are incredibly talented artists. Both have very successful careers; I've included a link to each of their websites for those of you who are as taken by them as I was and still am.

The tie in to Toys? I wondered about that when I thought of writing this for my blog. Well actually, I discovered this video while looking for information on the fashion industry in Italy. Again, what has that got to do with Toys? One of  the things that makes the Brothel family different is that we offer our girls that little bit extra. In our Italian Top Models area, run by Mistress Taisha, we conduct a training course giving the girls a taste of Italy.

The featured video was recorded on the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) also the site of “Donna Sotto le Stelle” (Woman Under the Stars) an annual open-air fashion spectacle where each year in mid-July, talented designers showcase their latest masterpieces at this, one of Rome’s most celebrated icons. 

Mistress Taisha, a proud Italian herself, was thrilled to have the famous fashion show, the singers and her beloved country showcased in this way.

I hope you love the music as much as I do. An English translation of the lyrics follows the video. I'm afraid the quality of the video could be better, but, the audio is much better. 

When they start to sing together, it's magical; when they smile at each other...I melt. They just seem to be having so much fun.
Here are the lyrics in the original Italian followed by the English translation, young love...

La Solitudine
Marco sé n'è andato e non ritorna più
Il treno delle sette trenta senza lui
È un cuore di metallo senza l'anima
Nel freddo del mattino grigio di città

A scuola il banco è vuoto. Marco è dentro me.
È dolce il suo respiro fra i pensieri miei.
Distanze enormi sembrano dividerci
Ma il cuore batte forte dentro me

Chissà se tu mi penserai
Se con i tuoi non parli mai
Se ti nascondi come me.
Sfuggi gli sguardi e te ne stai…

Rinchiuso in camera e non vuoi
Mangiare. Stringi forte a te
Il cuscino e piangi e non lo sai
Quanto altro male ti farà la solitudine

Marco nel mio diario ho una fotografia.
Hai gli occhi di bambino un poco timido.
La stringo forte al cuore e sento che ci sei
Fra i compiti d'inglese e matematica

Tuo padre e i suoi consigli che monotonia.
Lui con il suo lavoro ti ha portato via.
Di certo il tuo parere non l'ha chiesto mai.
Ha detto “Un giorno tu mi capirai”

Chissà se tu mi penserai
Se con gli amici parlerai
Per non soffrire più per me
Ma non è facile lo sai

A scuola non ne posso più
E i pomeriggi senza te
Studiare è inutile. Tutte le idee
Si affollano su te

Non è possibile dividere
La vita di noi due
Ti prego aspettami amore mio
Ma illuderti non so!

(sung twice)
La solitudine fra noi
Questo silenzio dentro me
È l'inquietudine di vivere
La vita senza te

Ti prego aspettami perché
Non posso stare senza te.
Non è possibile dividere
La storia di noi due

La solitudine


The Loneliness
Marco has gone from here and is not coming back any more
The seven thirty train without him
Is a heart of metal with no soul
In the cold of the grey morning of the city

At school the bench is empty. Marco is inside me.
His breath is sweet in my thoughts.
Enormous distances seem to divide us
But my heart beats strongly inside me

Who knows if you will think of me
If you never speak with your parents
If you hide yourself like me.
You run from the looks and stay…

Confined to your room and do not want
To eat. You hold your pillow
Firmly against you and cry and do not know
How much more harm the loneliness will do to you

Marco, in my diary I have a photograph.
You have the eyes of slightly timid child.
I hold it firmly against my heart and I feel that you are here
Between the assignments of English and mathematics

Your father and his suggestions, what monotony.
He with his job has taken you away.
For certain your opinion was never asked for.
He said “One day you will understand me”

Who knows if you will think of me
If you will talk with friends
In order not to suffer because of me any more
But it is not easy, you know

At school I am no longer able to cope
And in the afternoons without you
Studying is useless. All my ideas
Revolve around you

It is not possible to divide
The lives of us two
I beg you, wait for me my love
But I cannot deceive you!

The loneliness between us
This silence inside me
Is the anxiety from living
Life without you

I beg you, wait for me because
I cannot be without you.
It is not possible to divide
The story of us two

The loneliness

Now the links, I promised

I hope the song gave you as much enjoyment as it did me and that you will look up other offerings by these two incredible women.