Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toys Brothel - A Tour

How I Learned to Love Sex in Second Life

A Tour of Toy Slaves Brothel. It seemed like such a simple task, but, now on my 4th version I can feel the pain.
In time, I may post some of the other versions. One even had sexy video running barely visible behind the tour, I really liked that one, but, it was impractical.
I think you'll like this version and I hope you will offer your comments.
So without further ado, here is the video.
For those without sound, the script is available below it.

Click the video and view it in HD and full screen for the best experience


As promised, here is the script...

Welcome to Toy Slaves Brothel and the world of sex in Second Life.  Toy Slaves Brothel is a premiere purveyor of all types of sex in second life, we can handle your request, kinky or straight (sorry no age/child play) .  Visit our club for an always enjoyable time, we boast some of the prettiest girls in all of Second Life.  Our girls are only too happy to serve.
Have a seat at the main stage, the bar or on any of the comfortable sofas. The music you hear is from our very own radio station, Brothel Radio, you'll hear things here you won't at other places and we're available in the World Wide Web too.
Settle back and watch the girls dance, there is no charge, but, the girls love tips and are sure to show a little, hmmm appreciation. Don't be shy, talked to them, they are very friendly.
Take a look at our escort boards, after all, we're a brothel.  All of the girls have tested as submissives and we have a special area for Dominants, a nod to our D/s DNA.  We're quite proud of our training and we've opened up some of it for new residents to Second Life The triple X theatre here by the boards includes instructional videos and panels along with some other essentials for your adult experience.
As we continue on our walk around the main club, we come upon storefronts that  showcase our play areas. The first of these is the Pain Prison, you'll need to hire one of the girls to get there. The teleport pad is private. The play areas are located on one of our other 4 islands, we keep lag under control that way. Looking around you'll see some familiar and not so familiar pieces of equipment. This is definitely our strongest sadomasochistic area, Dolcett play is available and we can fulfil almost any request with enough notice.
Next is our Femdom salon, a place to fulfil your worship and punishment needs. Check out the wrestling ring and the salon services for that special spa experience. Especially popular here is the sofa. I think this is perhaps Madame Aprille's favourite place.
Ah Asian, one of my favourite places, maybe it's because it is a copy of my SL home. Here in the shadow of Mount Fuji  we find many of the devices we expect at Toys, special though is the Shibari frame and the waterfall. I always feel relaxed here and it seems to rub off.
Ask about our bukkake experience, invite your friends or join one of our groups.
Arabian Nights is one of the areas, along with the Malibu Beach, that we've opened to the public. It's free to visit and includes everything you'll need for a truly memorable sexual experience. Click on the map teleporter in front of the storefront in the club. There are beautiful lounges, pools, furs and beds...explore with your special someone and find your favourite place.
Anchored just off the coast is our Mediterranean Pirate ship. Abandon yourself to sex under the stars or in the sumptuous Captain's quarters. A wonderful place for role play, check out the toys available on deck or in the hold. This poor fellow ran afoul  of the Pirate Queen. Take one of our girls and be her Captain.
The Italian Villa is home to our Italian Top Models. It, along with the French Villa is one of our most popular areas both with the girls and our clients. It has three levels, a cellar...fitted out as a dungeon play area, a second floor bed and bath and a main floor living area. The main floor area is complete with a kitchen, living and dining area. Those dents in the fridge are from my heels. We use everything here, try the counter, the sink, the sofas and of course the dining room table.
Adjacent to the villa is the TP pad to one of our newest areas, the orgy room can accommodate you and up to 9 of your friends, you'll need to hire one or more of the girls to obtain access, but, how many people use her and how is entirely up to you. The wall paintings alone are enough to get the juices flowing and the animations and pose combinations are superb. Why not give it a try someday soon, make it a party.
Out next stop is nestled in the French countryside. It has everything you've come to expect plus some of its own special equipment. While the Master nestles comfortably in the bedroom upstairs his next playthings wait for him in the cellar. The tub here is especially nice as is the foot fetish couch.
We are very lucky to have the Second Life University at Toy Slaves located here. The university is valuable in teaching our girls to behave and giving them both medical attention and physical exercise. The girls love it here using everything from the student commons, to the gymnasium(where the equipment serves dual roles) to the football field. Oh, there's a girl now, oh my!
On to Doll Island and the Malibu Beach. Doll Island is a Second Life institution, yes, this is the place. It houses the Doll Mall with things for everyone and so much more, punishment, pleasure and just relaxing. Should I say watch out for traps?
Have you been a good dolly or a bad dolly?
Doll is a hangout and playground for doll lovers, a place where you can feel free to explore your dreams and fantasies with other people who understand.  It is the home of the Pleasure Dolls group,  over 1500 people that love sexual role-play, femdom, latex and rubber, BDSM, bimbofication, hypnosis, mind control and human to doll enslavement.  Members love short and long Role Play (RP) activity. Feel free to help out by tossing a tip into one of the tip boxes.
Right next door is the Malibu Beach Babes area. The equipment here is free to use and it's everywhere. Sit around one of the fires or enjoy one of the beds, oh and don't miss out on the WV bus.
Thinking you just want a private dance, some time alone with a girl or a quick little something? Maybe our skyboxes are just what you're looking for. Choose a girl and give her your preference, she'll teleport you to one of the boxes. Our skyboxes, among other things, include a private grotto, a Vegas room, cozy winter retreat and a place at the beach.
If you decide to join us as a slave this is a very quick peek at the Phase2 training area. It prepares you for your service to Madame in the club and starts you on the path to embracing your slavery. I won't tell you much more than that here, if you're interested click the burgundy sign behind the bar to get started.
This area is where our family comes to relax, we have games and activities everything from popular SL games like Greedy to boats and flying carpets...even a firing range.
It is a private family area. Long term Dominants and Toy Slaves live here. The Toy Slave tag denotes an alpha girl, someone who has committed to Madame and given up her freedom forever. We don't value our Dancers and Escorts any less, it's just that they haven't yet made that commitment. In many cases because they haven't been with us long enough.
This  video was shot at Toy Slaves Brothel in Second Life. We're very proud of the hard work our girls put into making this a very special place that we're all proud of. We hope you'll come to visit us in world or on the World Wide Web.
If you have questions, come in and ask a girl, they'll be happy to help.
Thank you so much for watching


  1. There is no place like TSB and nobody like Trix....I want to be that guy!

  2. This is such an amazing place
    were it not that in my time zone is 2: 48 hours immediately and without hesitation I would've joined.
    Anonymous demure and shy, but Very decisiveness;): *


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