Monday, May 16, 2011

Sex in Second Life

I revised this post to include a better link to view the video. If you are curious about what sex in Second Life looks like, this might help. It is a text session, meaning that the avatars converse in text. It is creating an erotic story done by two.

The emoting styles between girls and even client to client can be quite different. We customize the emotes, even the sex, tailoring it to you. Sex in SL is not like a game, even the virtual sex games you see advertised, it is not canned. There is a real girl behind the avatar you hire, thinking and reacting to your sexual needs as only a real person can. The video illustrates the most common kind of SL sex, but, voice (phone sex with avatars you control acting out your desires) and in some cases cam are commonly available.

Second Life and specifically Toys Brothel offers a different but safe sexual experience, not only regular sexual experiences but also a place where you can get your kink on. BDSM, D/s, Dolcett; kinks common to these are readily available; for truly unusual requests, give us some time and we can deliver an incredible experience.
The video is best viewed full screen

You can view the video Full Screen on Naughty Machinima, it is too graphic for YouTube. Follow this link...

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