Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is Restrained Love (RLV)?

The Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) is a different way of experiencing Second Life. For those interested in exploring dominance and submission it provides opportunities to make those Second Life experiences more real and the control and power exchange deeper and more involving.

The Restrained Love Viewer is an alternative to the standard Second Life Viewer. It was created by Marine Kelley. She, along with others have created a wide range of restraints that use the capabilities the viewer provides to make a true restraint experience in Second Life. Most collars and many of the restraints you find in the BDSM or D/s environments in Second Life use RLV to make them inescapable to a submissive or slave using the Restrained Love Viewer. By using RLV the bottom gives away their control to the Dominant. The Dominant does not need to be in the Restrained Love Viewer, the submissive uses it.

The slaves at Toys Brothel are in RLV with an active relay always ready to serve.

Among the experiences you can have with the Restrained Love Viewer that are not possible with standard Second Life include:

❤  Limits to communication - Blocked chat, IM's or notecards, hidden names and locations
❤ Forced stripping and wearing of clothes and attachments
❤   Inescapable cages and other bondage devices
❤   Forced tp anywhere your dom may want to send you
❤   Loss of privacy due to monitoring of your Second Life experience and communication
❤   Sensory deprivation limiting vision, sound, and touch
❤   Limits to your mobility in Second Life

You might invest in any of a number of control devices for your submissive, however, there are free relays available on Marketplace
Search for RLV relay and you will find some free items, if you are a resident of Second Life you'll see more by signing in and if you are adult verified in Second Life even more.
As noted most collars already operate in RLV. You only need to know the collar commands.

I've included the following link as it provides an easy reference for the Amethyst Collar (available at Sensations) a very popular collar brand in Second life and illustrates the type of things you can do with RLV and just the collar. The Amethyst collar is by no means the only collar available. The author of the pdf Duchesse Klip Klaar asks for a donation of 19L$ (about 7 or 8 cents) paid in world.
The same information is available in a note card for free when you buy the collar(without the nice cataloging of commands or the pretty pictures). 

There are many brands of collars available, some are even free. Instructions and commands for collars are usually contained in note cards included with the collar.

Why would anyone want to have these experiences in Second Life? It's because control and power exchange lies at the heart of the dominance and submission experience. The Restrained Life Viewer makes it all more possible and real in the world of Second Life.

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