Thursday, May 19, 2011

Safe Words for Sex Slaves

Sorry about the quality of the video that goes with this post, but, I had to post it. Safe Words are no joke, maybe this humorous video does more to illustrate that than any amount of preaching we could do.

We support the use of safe words for our slaves at Toy Slaves Brothel.
Anyone who has been involved in Second Life for more than a few days will recognize that many of us identify very closely with what happens to our avatars. It is why D/s and BDSM work so well in the huge community of practitioners in Second Life.
If it is happening to your avatar, you feel it too. Our Dominants are instructed to get a safeword, sometimes the experience is that intense. It seems crazy somehow, but, one of my limits in Real Life is cutting, believe it or not, it freaks me out just as much in Second Life.

Come visit us in world, we have all the tools necessary for you to try it out.
Never been to Second Life, join now for free...Adult is available in the Advanced setting of the viewer

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