Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update on Physics in Second Life

That certainly didn't take long. 10 days ago we were reporting on Physics in Snowstorm and as of Friday, Physics made it into the regular viewer download. 
Is this a game changer for viewer 2? Only time will tell.

You can download the regular Linden Labs Viewer interface here
Once you have it installed, go to the My Outfits tab under My Appearance on the Sidebar. Click on the gear icon 1 at the bottom of the pane and choose New Clothes 2 then New Physics 3

Physics behaves much as any new clothing layer would. The layer opens with the default movement set to zero, that translates to no movement. Move the sliders to increase the effects, then fine tune your settings using one of your favourite dances to view the movement. 
My Physics layer opened at Breast Bounce 1, I initially set this to 50% and left the other settings as they were. Move on to each of the other areas  2, Breast Cleavage, Breast Sway, Belly Bounce, Butt Bounce and Butt Sway creating your personalized physics.
The final settings under Advanced Parameters refine the movement even more with things like Mass.

Finally, name and save 3 the physics you've created. You can create additional physics layers, maybe you would like to mimic different amounts of movement under a dress as opposed to the movement you would see with a flimsy bikini. It is worn just like clothing, so be sure to include it in your outfits as you create them. 

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