Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opting in to View Adult Content in Second Life

View in HD and Full Screen for the Best Experience

The following video was posted by Torley Linden in a previous version of the Linden viewer. New residents using the current 2.6 viewer will need to be in the Advanced mode to see this interface.
If you want to see Adult content, the advanced setting is for you, it opens up the search function and access to thousands of adult venues. More than just sex is rated adult in Second Life.

If you are not yet adult verified, you can do it from your account page. You do NOT have to give payment information or sign up for a premium account to access adult venues. There are multiple documents that the age verification system can use (passport, driver's lic., SSN and others). The information is not kept after the verification process. Read the form to satisfy yourself.
To get there from the viewer...

Go to the Me menu and choose My Dashboard

Choose  Account clicking on the chevron to open it

From the Drop Down options choose Age Verification

The Age Verification form looks like this. Complete it using the form of identification you choose and submit it. Usually the process completes within moments.


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