Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marine Kelley's Restrained Love Viewer- Version 2.6

Marine Kelley has a new version of her viewer. She's added some features from the much anticipated Firestorm viewer.
You can download the Restrained Love Viewer as always from erestraint, but, first visit Marine's blog to see her description of the new changes...

Marine Kelley's Blog - Real Restraint

If you are a RPer in Second Life and have not tried RLV,  give it a try. It can add some spice and danger to your roleplay. You will find the link to erestraint on Marine's blog...start with the link above.

The first half of the following video illustrates how to install Marine's viewer. It includes instructions on how to copy some files over to enable voice in the viewer. (the second half deals with 2 viewers using the older style interface and is unnecessary).

Click the video to enlarge and change the quality to 720p for the best viewing

There are some interesting changes in this version, give it a try, I think you'll like it.
No jiggly bits in this one yet, but, I understand they're coming

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