Saturday, April 30, 2011

So, You Want to be a Second Life Sex Toy

I've created a new video explaining the first part of the intake process at the Toy Slaves Brothel in Second Life. I work there.
Second Life is an excellent place to do those things you wouldn't or couldn't do in Real Life (as we call it). At Toy Slaves the only requirement for being trained to serve in a D/s role is to promise to serve for 30 days, most girls stay much longer...I've been there over two and a half years.
Visit the website here
and here's the video about the first phase of our training, it's only the beginning. To see what I didn't show you, you'll need to take the training.
How submissive do you feel?
Open the video and watch in Full Screen and HD

The video is closed captioned, but, below is the script just in case you need a translation.

Welcome to another Toy Slaves training video.
So you are thinking about becoming a Toy Slave, hopefully, this video will help you to decide whether you wish to join our family and assist you in completing the intake process.
Toy Slaves is an active club having, at the time of this video, five Sims, 10 play areas, 200 girls and more than 30 Dominants.  There is no pay. Everything we do supports the club and the play areas.  Our slaves turn over everything they earn to Madame Aprille and the family.  In return Madame supplies us with areas to live, work and play.  In addition, she provides for the slaves' physical and emotional needs.
Now to begin.  From the club, look behind the bar to the red sign that says, " be a toy slave"  Left clicking on the sign will Teleport you to a small room where you can learn more or begin the intake procedure.
It is important to understand the rules we all abide by.  Our number one rule is that real life comes first, always.  Please pause the video to read the remaining rules.  It is important that you understand them.
If having read the rules, you still wish to continue with the intake procedure, select the stream that you wish to follow.  You may choose dominant, switch or slave.  All of our Dominants take the slave training as well.  This allows them to better understand the process should they be called upon to help a slave during intake.  Dominants who complete the slave training should contact Madame Aprille or Madame Trix to obtain our Dominant Handbook.
 As the sign reads, we are not accepting male submissives or switches.  If you are a male and wish to serve Madame, you may contact Aprille Shepherd and arrange a suitable tribute.
If, instead of "join now" you select "learn more", you will receive a link the Toy Slaves web site.
Selecting the dominant, switch or submissive button above Apply Now determines the group tag you will receive for the phase one training.  Otherwise, the process remains the same.  We will use the submissive button for the purpose of this video.  Left clicking a button initiates a number of processes.
First, you will receive a popup.  Upon selecting the link you will be connected to the Toy Slaves web site.  It requests that you copy some system information into the box, we collect this information for our security.  The text above the box explains.  The information we ask for is available under Help on the Second Life menu bar.  Under Help, select "About Second Life",  from here you can copy the information using either copy and paste or the convenient button.  You will likely need to bring the webpage up again and paste the information into the box.  Click on submit and the webpage will close and you will receive a group invite.  The invite is important in enabling you to Teleport to the phase one training area.
One other thing, when interacting with Dominants or clients you will need to be wearing your group tag.  Newer versions of the Second Life viewer come with group titles turned off by default.  To correct this, go to the Me menu on the Second Life menu bar and select Preferences.  Under the General  tab ensure that the show group titles checkbox is selected.  If your group title is already shown this step is unnecessary.
The map Teleport window is preselected to take you to the phase one training area.  Left click on Teleport.
Our phase one training area is designed to assist Second Life residents of many experience levels.  For experienced residents this area will be incredibly simple, however, if you are unfamiliar with the Restrained Love functions or have not participated in BDSM in Second Life you will find this area helpful.  The podiums where you landed provide some very basic videos for the Second Life viewer.  If you are already familiar with how the viewer works these are unnecessary.
Next proceed to the XXX theatre.  Inside you will find more basic instruction for using common items found in Second Life.  Experienced residents will probably recognize how to do all of these things.  Select any that may be of interest to you as training.
Proceeding through the building, you will come upon four coloured pads.  The first of these has a Toy Slaves collar, this is a Toys in Waiting collar, follow the instructions and wear it.  The next pad has a video about the Restrained Love viewer.  If you do not already have Restrained Love, you should download and install it at this point.  Instructions are included in the video.  Using and being in Restrained Love is a requirement for slaves at Toy Slaves Brothel and absolutely necessary to complete the intake process. Our Dominants do not normally need to be in Restrained Love, however, will need it for the intake process to complete.
The final pad, the blue one, is a good place to set your home just in case you are unable to complete the phase one training today.  The pad will allow you to return to this point in the training. You must be wearing an "In Waiting" tag to set your home to here.
Continuing down the path you will encounter another podium, at this one you can obtain some BDSM equipment.  Looking ahead is some equipment we commonly use in the play areas.  The locking feature on these items has been disabled, when next you encounter these types of items you will need to be careful not to lock yourself into a submissive pose.  These, however, are safe to explore.
Next, move to the large metal door.  Behind this door is the end of phase one training, it has a test to determine your suitability to be a Toy Slave submissive.  It is necessary to pass the test with a score of at least 70% to proceed to phase two training.  You may take the test a second time if you do not achieve a score of 70%.  True Dominants will likely need to get in touch with their submissive side [or cheat a little].
Through the door, left clicking on the poster will get you a testing HUD; find the HUD in your recent inventory and wear it.  Choose one of the white pillows and sit.  Left clicking the HUD will begin the test; there are 55 multiple choice questions.  There is plenty of time to answer them all.
Once you answer the last question, the HUD will score the test and send your results almost immediately.  You will also receive a pass note and an invite to the Training group.  The pass note contains instructions you will require during the next phase of intake.  You should find it in your recent  inventory and open it.
You can stand and detach the testing HUD. Check to be sure you are wearing the TSB trainee tag and left click on the Toys Training Center door behind you.  It is a Teleport to the next step on your journey.
Follow the instructions in each of the rooms you enter, you will be asked to leave the Restrained Love viewer in the first room and asked return to it before leaving room 2.  For the Dominants, especially the men, follow the instructions exactly or you will miss all the fun.
We won't show the intake process here.
When you are dropped off at the other end, click on the training centre door and step out into our training area.  Read the notecard that you received then proceed down the green line where you will receive a link to a video describing what to do next.
Good luck!  


  1. Do you call her Miss Aprille Jameson or Miss Emma Shepard?

  2. It's Madame Aprille Shepherd

  3. I was interested in joining but this sounds like some sort of combination of a Pyramid scheme with sweat shop standards. No thank you.

  4. Anonymous, it's neither.
    The money generated goes to pay for 5 sims and the needs of all our girls. Come check it out for yourself, we let people join for 30 days, they can leave after explanation required (we ask for input because we want to know; it helps us make the experience better).
    There's no place like it, anywhere.

  5. So when you say 30 days, does it have to be 30 days in a row? And is there a shift or something? Because I started going through the training, and then I realized that this might conflict with my IRL work hours. Which is a shame, because this really sounds and looks like fun :(

  6. Hello Anonymous,
    It does not have to be 30 days in a row. Our number 1 rule is that "RL comes first", we would encourage you to take care of your RL obligations first, always.
    There are no set shifts for the girls, we have many girls and are open 24/7, so when you can serve is up to you. We just ask for your commitment to us for those 30 days.
    I hope to see you in the club someday.
    Madame Trix

  7. Thank you, Madame. i have already joined your girls, and am currently in training :)

    i thought that the experience would be fun. The discipline and restrictions seem a tad frightening, but i suppose that this is what submission is about. i'll just have to be a good girl and adjust :)

  8. Hi I would like to work here, I hope that I can accept

  9. I like this club. i would like to working here.

  10. Hello, is it be possible for a frenchspeaking people to became a slave toy ?

  11. We have girls who speak many languages, French among them. You need to understand enough English to communicate with Madame Aprille, give it a try, if you cannot understand the things you need to, you have lost nothing

  12. Wow, I thought this was a fun place to visit, thought I would maybe apply. I don't think we will be coming back. Only 1 out of the 5 rotating girls could even emote more than a 'thank you' and they were in freebies from skin to clothes. I brushed it off because they were very new to SL, one was 14 days, but now that I know you are supposed to be providing these things to them, doesn't seem like that's being taken care of. I get free high quality skins at least twice a week or more.
    Some requests you make are average D/s rules, but to leave your family, thats a lil like brainwashing to me.

  13. The girls are supplied with high quality skins. We train them and provide skins and shapes for the girls who want to leave their old look behind. As they show a commitment with time they get rewarded.
    We do get some noobies, other times they are people who created an alt to try our system worry free. We don' encourage that, but, understand that it happens sometimes.
    I think all of Madame's girls think of this as their family
    I hope you'll come back and take a look around again, maybe talk to some of the girls about how they feel.
    Thank you so much for the comment.

  14. I was quite interested untill i saw how long the application and training takes lol , sounds ok apart form that though

  15. lol umm i like your club miss manager n i'll do my best for the family n the club :]


  16. wow this lady who came up with this is one smart cookie. I want a sim where I can keep all the money. That really is the only way to be able to pay and keep a sim running now and days instead of spending tons of rl money. You go girl and I bet everyone has a blast :)

  17. What a brilliant idea. You have obviously but a lot of thought, work and resources into this project. I am thinking of joining however, Im a bit concerned about having zero lindons in my account and handing everything over to pay for the sims. Its not that I dont agree with the principle, sims have to be paid for, it just that i like to choose my own clothes, skins, shapes ect. I'm probably a bit to stubborn and Dominant to be that totally submissive. Perhaps I would have been less dubious if the girl were allowed to keep a small percent.
    Bruxia Moonbeam

  18. Oh and I just wanted to ask? I have a male friend, the most gentle little "pet" anyone could wish to meet. He is very interested in exploring a virtual submissive role. Why are you not taking male applicants ?

    1. They are taking male applicants as submissives, just not as dominant or switch. I presume this is because they have enough of each of those.

  19. Hi Bruxia
    Yes,it's not for everyone...the girls who come to us, come for the experience, the sense of family more than anything else. They do get to keep a very small "float". Other things are supplied, purchased for the girls who show up and participate in the family. I suggest you come to the club and talk to a few of the girls. As for male avatars, I'm afraid that's just the economics of things, we get very little call for their services. It's a bit of a shame really, there are as you say some lovely submissive boys in SL

    1. may i ask how small the float is I am thinking of coming in to work there, but I am in need of Lindens.....for another rp i take part in.

  20. hi im crazylaracroft from SL and i would like to join your club work

    1. Come to the club and click on the red sign behind the bar, the one that says "Be a Toy slave"
      It's in Second Life, the slurl (address) is

  21. Do you employ voice chat submissives and if so is their split different or does it still all go to the madame? I would also appreciate the same information about web cam girls.Thank you

    1. Yes we have girls who use voice. There is no different arrangement with them.
      Madame has a link to a website for webcam girls, but, except for a few girls we operate within Second Life.

  22. I tried to apply but received error message: Action unsupported
    What does it mean?

    1. I'm not sure where you would have received that message. Was it during the initial intake procedure shown in the video?
      The sign behind the bar is a teleport to the small room you see in the video and short of our intake being down, which happens seldom, the intake is open 24/7.
      Contact me in world and we'll get you taken care of. There are lots of Dominants and girls to help you.

  23. I wanted to join ur brotel, and i was about to do so.. but after i talked to few girls there and read the rules i noticed that is only bout the money.. i mean why i can't have more than 100L$? i am rich on sl should i give her all my money just for 30 days of experience? and i can't even own or rent a land or a house? i don't even understand why is that :P it's grt business project though.. making ppl work hard for u and u get to keep everything they ever get if i came to sl earlier i prolly have started this myself :P

    1. Totally agree. This is a phenomenal strategy targeting noobs--slaves and customers alike. I have a harem myself (tiny compared to this, of course), and I've noticed that this could work very easily if I was interested in making money off my slaves' backs (I actually care about them as people who are looking for an experience that I give them--I'm not throwing them to a bunch of noobs who can't even emote). But I'm not that cynical or desperate yet. Commune indeed! lol

    2. And that's a great question. If you already have more than 100L in your account when you join, what are you expected to do? Can you spend it? Do you have to give it to the "commune" to bankroll all the cheap, garish crap they've got up on their sim? It looks like a noob's inventory got dumped on a homestead. And I'm not saying that to be mean, really. I'm sure it's all part of the business model--noobs don't know any better, so avoid high quality builds and keep the overhead down. Smart.

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  26. Looks like you are targeting the SL newbie, no experienced SL person would sit through something as basic as working poseballs and basic emoting skills.

    1. Yep. And no experienced person would actually pay for pixel sex. Or let a third party charge for it and keep all the money.

  27. Hi Anonymous,
    We have made the training (it is in 2 phases) basic enough, at least at the beginning, so that newcomers to SL can enjoy it too.
    The phase 2 training starts with things specific to the club and the way the family works, it's not difficult, but, there is a lot to learn. Experienced people move through it more quickly.

    1. What about your slaves' emotional and rp needs? Surely you don't think they are getting that from the noobs who actually pay to gawk at their pixels, poseball hop, surf animations, and send them half-literate "emotes" on the order of, "Ya baby ur so hot."

  28. I love to be a member.
    Im Hilodental

  29. Hello, I am a submissive girl who loves to be used. I currently wear a collar set to open access with cuffs. However, for my safety a male friend of mine is set as my primary collar owner, although not my Master. If I join your girls, should I set my collar differently or even take it off? Thann you for your answer... As I said the friend is not my Master but I would not disappoint him by asking him to remove himself from my owner list :-)


  30. id join but im getting errors
    all over when I try to start

  31. I keep getting an error that says "cap not found: '1fee64ac-e26f-6fba-5b16-5843cb3df8d7'"

  32. CPU: AMD A6-3620 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (2199.93 MHz)
    Memory: 5588 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Build 9200)
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6530D

    Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0010.1140
    OpenGL Version: 4.2.11762 Compatibility Profile Context

    RestrainedLove API: (disabled)
    libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/1.0.0d zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1
    J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.1
    Audio Driver Version: FMOD version 3.750000
    Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded)
    Voice Server Version: Vivox 2.1.3010.6270

    Settings mode: Firestorm
    Viewer Skin: Firestorm (Grey)
    Font Used: Deja Vu (96)
    Draw distance: 128
    Bandwidth: 500
    LOD factor: 2
    Render quality: Medium-High (4/7)
    Built with MSVC version 1600
    Packets Lost: 1,630/144,144 (1.1%)

  33. Hi when I am in RLV mode I move really slowly and the lag is really really bad what can I do to fix this is it my computer or do I need to download a different version of RLV

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  38. This is Sl so why do you need our information from sl viewer . Is this a business or for fun??