Saturday, July 2, 2011

Age Verification Changes in Second Life

What an incredible breath of fresh air. Gone is the age verification system that had people from all over the world sending passport, driver's license and SSN information for verification...yea!

To replace it a new age verification process, and this may sound familiar, you enter your date of birth, check a box verifying that it is true, then submit.
Yes, just that simple.

Go to your Dashboard, you'll find it under the Me menu, then Account and on that drop-down(mine always seems to be open to Account) choose Age Verification. There you'll find the boxes to enter your date of birth. If you have already given this information to Linden at some point, the boxes will be already filled in, mine were, then, put a checkmark in the box verifying that the information is true and submit.

Submitting this information is the first step, now go to your Preferences in the viewer (Ctrl+P) or (Me menu, Preferences, General) and change your preferences to allow you to view all content (General, Moderate and Adult).
So, there you are. If you've avoided checking out the incredible part of Second Life that is Adult because you were concerned about giving your private information...that bar has been lifted.
Come in and see what we have to offer. 

I think you'll like it.
See you in Second life! 

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  1. Advanced mode no longer exists, thank goodness. Once you change your settings in preferences, you're set to go. You can now select the adult box in search, if you wish and Marketplace will now show You adult rated items too.