Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Color Under Cursor - Finding the RGB Values in Second Life

I'm sure that I mentioned I had a bunch of things I wanted to add here after my couple of weeks in a funk.
Here's another. I have a number of programs, mostly free, for getting the colours from objects, backgrounds, pages on my screen, you name it. Here's an application inside Second Life, it's not hidden, but, I think a lot of people don't know about it.
It can be helpful for matching colours in objects that you can modify.
Here's a short video, I've captioned it and also included the script below it.

 Click on it and watch in full screen's the script

Here's a neat little trick I use sometimes. It can be great for finding the RGB values of any object and then matching them. It is particularly useful for getting close to your skin shade for shoes.
You'll need the Developer menu to access "Color Under Cursor"
If you don't have it enabled, go to your preferences and under the Advanced tab check the box to show it. Click okay to save your new settings.
Now, left click Develop on the Menu and on the first drop down choose Show info, then on the next drop down select Show color under cursor.
Once you've done that look in the lower right of the screen to see the RGB values under wherever your cursor rests (they'll be the first 3 numbers).
When using the numbers for skin shading, I suggest that you set your sun to midday. Things like full bright settings in the shoes can affect the result so play around a little, it's worth it once you get them right.

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  1. I want to match my shoes to my blouse. Don't want to modify the blouse, just get the RNG values of it in Second Life Erin S.